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Our customers say it much better than we can.  

You can also see:


“The collaboration with Maestro gave the chief and   

the middle management team tangible and measurable 

tools for building a strong culture in 
the company where all employees are involved

in the ongoing efforts to constantly do 
the customer experience better.

Martin Dauw Jacobsen, Executive Chef 
KRAM Madservice A / S


"We are well equipped to prove that here in   

the company we can something that one   

can not anywhere else in the world!  

John Weinreich, Production Manager   

Sun Chemical 

Claus BW.jpg

“The number of complaints is

halved. The throughput time is reduced

from 30-45 days to three to five days. Our

stock binding has been cut by 40% correspondingly

to 10 million. DKK, and because we now have far fewer goods

standing, we have freed up almost 50% of the square meters

in the production premises. And last but not least,

we have increased productivity by 25%.  

Claus Lundø, Factory Manager 

Triax A / S


"Human competencies are one of

our most valuable assets. As with any

other asset we need to invest in this and maintain it.  

As a company, we can only improve our performance by     

    to increase our level of competence. This is also the way forward,

if we are to be ahead of our competitors in the market. One of

the best and most cost-effective ways to maintain

retaining and investing in competencies is training and educating

ne our people. Maestro is there to serve all businesses

   in our group with training, education and also          implementation assistance.

Håkan Jeppsson,

Former President and CEO  



“Maestro has been very explicit

in their way of talking to employees

on, and it just worked. In the beginning they were

most very frustrated as their usual

the mindset was peeled apart for afterwards

to be rebuilt. But it really has

kickstarted a culture change here.  

Trine Søby Jacobsen, HR Manager   

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions A / S

Gert SH.jpg

"Maestro's concept is insanely solid.

They know what works both on the leaders and

on the hourly-paid employees. They can have it

to work down on the floor, so the employees

takes it up and thinks it makes sense.

And that's actually the whole trick!

Gert Bandt Petersen,   

Executive Vice President
Toms Gruppen A / S


“If you really WANT to change

corporate culture, Maestro are the only ones

I have met who can. They are hugely competent

and experienced  within their area and understood that

challenge us  on our self-image.  

Steen Skærbæk,

Director - Novozymes A / S 


"I have worked before

along with some of the more -

about  I must say - chrome-plated consultant-

houses. These are talented people with lots of care.

comprehensive analyzes and action plans, but it just became too theoretical for us. There was substance in what the Maestro came up with - it was tangible and it was operational

and available. They are even business people with

a hands-on approach, and you feel it.  

Jesper Luja Thomsen - CEO

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


“Maestro was chosen because they themselves have

had a leg in the real world and been

responsible for getting a production through.

Maestro has not been too consultative.

These are business people and it makes a difference!  

Keld Norup Lauridsen 

Production Director

Royal Unibrew 

Troels BW.jpg

"We have been incredibly happy

the collaboration with Maestro. They have given

us sparring and competent counterplay on

the management area combined with a lot

open dialogue approaches and practical

tools. We have not at any time felt that they were

here to sell hours, but exclusively for

to create results  

Troels Hornsved,

Vice President Supply Chain 

Universal Robots A / S 

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