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Over a 5-year period, Royal Unibrew's employees have created a rarely seen turn-around and have thus reversed a downward trend.  development for the old brewery group. Over a stable period, the company has been the best-performing stock on NASDAQ  OMX. From 2011 - where the company delivered a result of 351  mio. DKK - the company delivered a nice result of 1,515 in 2020  mio. DKK in an extremely competitive market.  

Maestro has helped Royal Unibrew build the powerful performance culture where all the company's employees from  the individual sales consultant, driver, brewery worker, terminal worker, laboratory technician, blacksmith, brewmaster and manager - each and every one of them has contributed to the great success. In the company's supply chains, efficiency is top notch, and modern production methods with advanced robots have been used in production at Royal Unibrew A / S in Faxe. Among other things. the company is dependent on machines and equipment always being high-functioning; a responsibility that is largely outsourced to the individual work team.  

- The responsibility must be pushed out into the organization and the employees must  qualify and learn to work smarter, says production

director Keld Norup Lauridsen about the background for the collaboration  with Maestro selected as the training provider and catalyst for the process.  

- Maestro was chosen because they themselves have had a leg in the real  world and been responsible for getting a production through. The  had a good approach to things, was flexible and organized  the courses completely according to our needs, says Keld Norup Lauridsen  and states: - Maestro has not been too consultative. They are business people and it makes a difference! 

Keld Norup Laurtisen


“Maestro was chosen because they themselves have

had a leg in the real world and been

responsible for getting a production through.

Maestro has not been too consultative.

These are business people and it makes a difference!  

Keld Norup Lauridsen 

Production Director

Royal Unibrew 

Common language creates results  

Maestro has through the concept "World-class employees"  completed training at all levels at Royal Unibrew, which  has provided a valuable insight into the entire organization.  

What goes on on the floor is linked to the management training and has formed the basis for a complete training for the entire company.  

- We have tried far too many times to send leaders on courses. Then they come home and are lit by the holy fire and
start talking about everything they have learned. The employees stand next to him meanwhile and think: "What is he talking about ??" Now all employees come through the same substance just in a different and more down-to-earth way, where they can go out and try it out right away, Keld Norup Lauridsen explains.   

Jens web.jpg

Jens Skydsgaard

Jens Skydsgaard is one of the operators who has been to Instructor training at Maestro. The training put some thoughts in  time and changed his view of his own role in the big picture.  

- I'm here not just to make money but try to make things smarter. After all, we also have to do something ourselves to preserve  the workplace, he says and continues:  

- Maestro are some of the best I have been to a course with. The  was really up for grabs. It has been a good combination  of theory and looked into practice and try it out.  

Jens Skydsgaard experiences that the increased responsibility means greater involvement and commitment in the daily work.


- It is also done for the sake of colleagues; the better you educate one  new colleague, the better he is also driving on that machine, and that  can be seen in efficiency, he concludes.  

The management continuously encourages the employees to independently submit ideas and implement optimization proposals  in everyday life.  

- It is not easy, as it is a completely new way of thinking. Here, Maestro is incredibly skilled at massaging it in. They are used to meeting resistance and are good at getting the skeptics involved. To ask why it does not work, and what to do to make it work  function. No one is allowed to just sit and be negative - then they are challenged to come up with another solution. And  suddenly one ends up sitting and talking solutions. Maestro has been good at that, says Keld Norup Lauridsen.  

"How difficult can it really be?" 

Royal Unibrew's employees have taken up the challenge with great enthusiasm and significant savings as a result. Among other things. a group of operators independently focused on a plant in  production, which did not run the bottles optimally. By remodeling another plant so that it could handle the same task, the shrinkage on new glass was reduced considerably.  

In another case, the Industry Instructors joined the field in one  problem-solving group for the purpose of describing the right way to start a production. By following the same procedure, a uniformity was created in the deviations, which went from 20  deviations per week for 1-2 deviations per. week.  

In total, 12 good ideas in 1/2 year have already given Royal Unibrew a saving of DKK 7.5 million. DKK - and the employees are motivated to find more smart improvements.  

- There have been many projects where you think afterwards:  "How difficult can it be?", Says Keld Norup Lauridsen.  

- But if no one rains it through, nothing happens either.  You often do not think about it because you go and look at it in  everyday life. I believe we can compensate for the pay gap that is (by  produce in Denmark), by being the smarter and more skilled and  better and have more focus on quality. Then we can still be competitive. That is our starting point: to preserve  the workplaces here in Denmark. 

About Royal Unibrew

Royal Unibrew A / S is Denmark's second largest brewery group  and produces, markets, sells and distributes beverages in the international market. In total, the group, which is headquartered in Faxe, employs approx. 1,800 employees. Royal Unibrew is listed on NASDAQ OMX and has more than 17,000 shareholders. 

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