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How do we improve collaboration and performance? For us, it is primarily about three things: responsibility and performance, teamwork and well-being, and world-class employees. Read more below.


      Because we have all experienced the same program and have been trained in the same things, we have gained a common vocabulary and have become much more aware of our common goals and our common behaviors. After all, it is virtually impossible to disagree with the purpose and content of the Maestro course. No one can claim that it is far out because we - ourselves - have helped to define the actual content. The collective pathway and common language have strengthened trust across employees and the management team and have made us better at aligning expectations and articulating potential conflicts.

Ragnhild Korfits Frank - Head of Department - Novozymes




I take responsibility - and hold you accountable

When accountability is low, needed improvements and changes are impossible. These are organizations where mental resources are wasted on blame and discord at the expense of development and momentum. These organizations have difficulty maintaining new initiatives and are quickly slipping back to “the old ways” of doing things. These are organizations where proactivity and "commitment to action" are low.  

But Responsibility is a - collective - mindset, and this mindset can be trained and developed. Maestro has extensive experience in assisting companies in these endeavors. 


"There are no problems we can not solve together and very few that we can solve alone"  - President Lyndon Johnson

Trust and well-being are essential prerequisites for good team performance. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to get the collaboration to click in the organization. Maestro has extensive experience in spotting and improving the factors that hinder cooperation. Principles that can open up for joint learning and insight into improved inter-organizational collaboration. How does the organization collaborate on solving the complex challenges it faces? How to increase well-being? 



What is it that creates world-class companies?

In collaboration with several leading companies, Maestro has developed a program to improve the competitiveness of European companies and keep the company at the forefront of global competition. This training and development program is aimed at all employees at all levels and functions in the company. Incidentally, the answer is: "World-class employees do"!    

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