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How do leaders create well-being and results? For us, it is mainly about three things. The leader's ability to influence and generate impact, the ability to shape the culture, and the ability to attract and retain talent. Read more below.


      The collaboration with Maestro provided the executive and the middle management team with tangible and measurable tools to build a strong culture in the company. All employees are involved in ongoing initiatives to improve the customer experience constantly.  

Martin Dauw Jacobsen, Executive Chef, KRAM Madservice A / S 




How many can you reach and how deeply can you influence them?

How can we make and maintain the behavior that we want in the organization, and that is required to achieve goals and results? 


Leadership is all about making an impact. Leadership is about influencing people and situations to achieve desired outcomes. Authentic leadership influences one's own and others' behavior for the greater good. Leaders who dare take the lead but at the same time can create the "followship". We train leaders to increase their reach and depth in people development and change management at Maestro. 


Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Peter Drucker

The well-known quote by Peter Drucker paints the picture, which has been proven in several studies: Approx. 75% of strategic initiatives do not reach the desired outcome - often because the culture, consciously or unconsciously, stands in the way of the needed changes.  At Maestro, we developed a structured approach for shaping the culture to support the desired changes. It is all about understanding and tackling the factors that shape the culture. And to influence these factors purposefully.



Employees do not leave the company - they leave the manager

More than 50% of employees who quit their jobs mention the manager as the direct cause.  Leadership and collaboration are complex interplays between people in an increasingly unpredictable world. In Maestro, we can train managers in concrete tools and methods that can ensure better collaboration, increased well-being, and better results in the organization. When leaders increase meaning and well-being, they simultaneously increase attraction and retention. 

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