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A position as the market's largest supplier does not give reason to rest on its laurels - it must be constantly developed  and improved, to retain the driver's jersey and the satisfied customers.  

At KRAM Madservice A / S in Køge, 6,000 are produced every day  meals to customers. It requires high quality, professionalism and  planning goes up in a higher unit in the daily operation.  

At KRAM, it is the employees who take responsibility for the simple and  simple solutions that constantly improve the customer experience  of the company and its products. The daily meal food creates  quality of life and for many of the company's customers, it's today  climax. This is a view that corporate executives and  employees are extremely aware of - and this is where KRAM provides  competitors rear wheels.  

The collaboration with Maestro provided the chief and middle management team  tangible and measurable tools for building a strong culture  in the company, where all employees are involved in the ongoing  initiatives to constantly improve the customer experience.  

- Maestro gave a good gut feeling from the first meeting. They had tried the theories on their own bodies and knew what they were talking about  about. They could document and prove facts, says the head chef  Martin Dauw Jacobsen and continues:  

- Maestro lined up with consistent employees throughout  the course, which all had an enormous drive and know-how, and it was  a huge advantage. 

Martin Dauw Jacobsen


“The collaboration with Maestro gave the chief and   

the middle management team tangible and measurable 

tools for building a strong culture in 
the company where all employees are involved

in the ongoing efforts to constantly do 
the customer experience better.

Martin Dauw Jacobsen, Executive Chef 
KRAM Madservice A / S

The simple methods create the foundation 

KRAM Madservice has a very broad educational background  employee group of different nationality, where not everyone is on  the same academic level, which can present challenges when needed  instructions are given. The employees that Maestro has trained have been received with kisses by colleagues and have contributed  practical tools to make everyday small tasks easier and easier to understand for the individual.  

- Our newly trained change agents have done fabulously well in everyday life and have kept the motivation up throughout the organization.
one, says Martin Dauw Jacobsen  

  - Typically you come home from a course or seminar a richer experience but do as you usually do. Here I have for one of those  first time in my life experienced that the theories are implemented and help to create a foundation in the company. Maestro  have been good at stating that without satisfied customers, there is none  Corporation. It is permeated in their mindset and has become widespread in our organization.  

The common language has meant that the employees can together analyze challenges and issues in the daily work. And there are many examples of how the employees have contributed to improving the workflows and the customer experience at KRAM. Maestro has taught us that improving the level of customer service and the quality experience can be accomplished at no extra cost.  On the contrary - it can be a good business.  

- A saving of DKK 85,000 may not be much out of a turnover of DKK 145 million. But if we can improve our customers' experience while improving our own business - and man  have such 20 cases a year - then all of a sudden it makes incredibly good sense. 

It must be simple, salable and understandable, states Martin Dauw  Jacobsen. And the Maestro course has succeeded.  

The employee potential is uncovered 

In connection with the process, the employees at Kram have run  improvements corresponding to an annual saving of around 1/2 million.  DKK, at the same time as customer satisfaction has been raised several classes.  


But also on other fronts, the Maestro course has given value in  the organization. Martin Dauw Jacobsen tells how Maestro  has helped to focus on e.g. personal planning and mail tyranny so that time is spent concentrated and not on firefighting. It has created a cultural change, and a common consensus on how things should be run.  

- It is also about knowing oneself and one's strengths: Who am I and where am I strong? Who should I find in my organization,  that I can spar with? The awareness of not just seeking mage but strengthening the organization by having contradictions like  complement each other. To get an analysis of your employees so you know what resources you have. There we have got a kind of  self-knowledge, because there are employees at KRAM where we have not previously managed to utilize their full potential, explains  the chef. 


Helle Mogensen

Nutrition assistant Helle Mogensen is one of the employees that the management saw the potential in upskilling on Maestro's Train-the-trainer course. Among other things, she is for the training of new colleagues in various  tasks and in working with attitude and behavior processing in  the organization, and she has only experienced a positive response since she has been through the training process. The tools she brought with her  home, she uses daily, and self-confidence has been boosted.  

- Maestro has canon-skilled trainers, and I have been very motivated and inspired by the training course, she says.  

- The concept is good and I can not imagine that there has been  someone who has not come home with something that they can  use. Either personally or work-related.  

Helle Mogensen experiences that the more improvements the new graduates  change agents help colleagues implement, yes  more good feedback they get from colleagues.  

- Our colleagues can use what we bring with them in different work situations, and we have received a lot of praise for the things we do.
That  is a great joy in itself and a great motivating factor, she says and continues:  

- As a team, we have become much better and faster at finding one  solution ... has become better at saying things in time and coming along  suggestions on how we can solve problems together. Everything new is difficult, but we try to break the routines and do things in new ways.  My function is also to create food for thought - could one have  done something different?  

For head chef Martin Dauw Jacobsen, it has been positive that  parts of the Maestro course have taken place as a boarding school, away from a hectic everyday life with ringing telephones and firefighting. It has  meant small-talk in the evening and valuable exchange of experience with the other participants and Maestro's instructors. It has been cozy and informal - almost familiar - and not least it has  has provided fertile ground for new business ideas and idea development.  

- This is the process I have been involved in for many years,  who has given the most. Maestro's strength is clearly the enormous  toolbox one dives into. The other courses I have been  involved in, perhaps included 3-8 different types of tools.  Maestro presents maybe 50-70 tools of different types.  My task now is to find the right tool for the specific tasks I am facing, so it is not just the same tool,  I use for all challenges.  

- It does not help anything to use a screwdriver, if one  wrench is far better, concludes Martin Dauw Jacobsen.  

About Kram Madservice 

KKRAM Madservice is headquartered at Køge Hospital and employs approx. 240 employees and one  turnover of approx. 145 million kr.  KRAM delivers more than 6,000 portions of food daily to pensioners living at home, residents of nursing homes and affiliated cafés, as well as patients and staff in the hospital sector in 22  municipalities. 

Since the Maestro course, KRAM has been acquired by Det Danske Madhus  A / S, after which the total daily production has increased to 15,000  meals divided into nine production units. The personal competencies that were developed during the Maestro course live on in the best possible way

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