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WorkLife Changing Skills


Hunger! World-class companies all have this one feature in common. They share an ambition to want more ... to do more ... to become more. Not just more operations and financial performance; they will affect the world positively. They will make a positive difference for society, for customers and for employees. They know that they can only evolve by the employees evolving.


Below you will find some of Maestro's "theme" programs - for inspiration. The programs are all unique in that they are developed in collaboration with companies to meet their specific needs. Maestro's programs are internationally recognized and empowering.


      Human competencies are one of  our most valuable assets. As with any  other asset we need to invest in this and maintain it.  As a company, we can only improve our performance by  to increase our level of competence. This is also the way forward,  if we are to be ahead of our competitors in the market. One of the best and most cost effective ways to maintain and invest in competencies is by training and educating our people. Maestro is there to serve all businesses  in our group with training, education and also implementation assistance.

Håkan Jeppsson, former President and CEO,  INWIDO AB 


Virtual, self-study, live in the company or a mix? Maestro's training programs are tailored to your needs. Hear more here>

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