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Make your business customer demand-driven. 


Demand Flow® Technology (DFT) is a scalable business strategy based on science and specifically designed to respond faster to changes in the marketplace. It is providing companies with the ability to produce and deliver any product or service, any day, based on actual customer demand - while simultaneously reducing costs and improving cash flow. This is the main objective of DFT.  

DFT is a patented technology developed by Maestro and nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics due to DFT's ability to control and reduce tied-up capital in supply chains.


Companies that adopt the principles of DFT are typically looking for improvements in their responsiveness and delivery performance in terms of customer demand and high levels of customer service. This is reflected in the lead time or reorder time the company has on a finished product, a service, or the development of new products and services. In a  typical business, the ability to deliver precisely as the customer requests is fraught with uncertainty and significant variance. To compensate the company is forced to carry large amounts of working capital in stocks, buffers, and large production batches - reducing cash flow and overall competitiveness. 


DFT  aims to reduce the tied-up capital and the variance the company experiences in its supply chain. The results thus become both an improved delivery capacity and improved liquidity and thus strengthened return on working capital.

The use of

Demand Flow® Technology was the

the single biggest reason for Flextronics’

move from a little company back in the

pack to one of the industry leaders.  


Michael Marks




Demand Flow® Technology has been called "the foundation of the  American productivity success" and is today the technological backbone of many of the world's most excellent companies. Companies like Dell, HP, GE, AstraZeneca and  John Deere currently uses DFT. 


DFT is especially known for its ability to create great results in companies that produce and deliver products and services and is used in all types of industry - for example at banks, TV stations and insurance companies.  


DFT is a business strategy designed to make the production and servicing of customers as simple as possible. The DFT strategy is scientifically based and uses structured mathematical tools that simulate and design manufacturing, supply, and client interaction processes in a flexible and well-balanced manner. Material supply systems are designed for maximum flexibility, predictability, reduced overhead costs, and early detection of potential deficiencies.


All areas of a successful company - from Sales and Marketing, Finance, Product Development, Purchasing,  Supply Chain, HR, Planning, and  IT - are supported by DFT with proven tools and methods to facilitate the most responsive, flexible, and cost-effective way to meet customer needs. Demand Flow®  Technology is thus the only complete business strategy supporting all aspects of transforming and operating a whole business to support high against customer needs.  

Demand Flow® Technology 
is the foundation of our success.   

It has evolved from a business

strategy to a core competency of

our company. 


Emmanuel A. Kampouris,


American Standard  




How to support the exponential growth of 10% per month without compromising the entrepreneurial spirit and profitability of the company? At Universal Robots, the answer was to use Demand Flow® Technology (DFT) to handle this growth. It has created a solid foundation that can carry the company into the future. 

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