Do not confuse Management with Leadership: 
Management is doing things right - Leadership is doing the right things.

In an increasingly changing world it is essential for a company’s existence that it responds quickly. Management must be able to quickly set the course, and the organisation must be able to react immediately and pull in the right direction.

For Maestro, Leadership is about creating results, by quickly and consistently converting organisational goals into massive action.

We define leadership as:

The ability to create lasting results quickly and consistently, through adjusting our own and others peoples’ behaviour.


Motivation is temporary, inspiration lasts forever. Leadership is about the difference between motivating and inspiring. It’s about increased clout and influence. It’s about effectively producing results, and it’s about leading an organisation through change.  

Maestro can help the Company to develop transformational leadership at all levels or the organisation - only when this is present can significant and lasting results be created.

High Performance Teams

An organisation creates results through its people. With High Performance Teams a culture is created in the organisation that constantly strives for excellence. The company’s goal and the individual’s needs and values coincide, and all pull in the right direction.

Based in goals and the individual Maestro has great expertise in putting together and developing High Performance Teams (not to be confused with team building) - notable results requires notable effort.


Management formulates strategy - organisation executes it. Unfortunately, this great formulation of strategy is often simply a balcony speech, because the organisation does not understand the strategy as formulated and is not able to turn it into day to day actions.

Maestro helps companies translate strategy into action and results. We have the tools to apply, the management and measurement, and we have the skills required to develop employees to take responsibility and execute in line with the overall strategy.