Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast Result Programmes

Power up must-win battles

We have built our reputation on assisting companies throughout the world to achieve fast and lasting results. Since 1984 we have developed competitive advantage and great results with our clients through our Nobel Prize nominated technologies and methods. In the principle based work-frame we call Demand Driven EnterpriseTM we assist customers in creating rapid, and measurable bottom-line results.

• 30 - 60 - 90 days programmes
• High Return on Investment - over 8x
• 15% -50% improvement in revenue, cost, quality, speed, cash flow

Our Fast Result Programmes are designed to create results by working in three core business areas:


Results through 
customer value and growth


Results through
productivity and profitability


Results through
people performance and culture

In the Fast Results Programme we typically assist clients by adding execution-muscle and brainpower, our in-depth experience and our proven methodology, to their unique challenges. The clients have either unsuccessfully tried making the change for some time, or have a great need to make the desired results instantaneously.