What is the Cultural Operating SystemTM?

Business culture is all about performance. Not conformance.

Change in any organisation, is basically about changing the behaviour of employees to support and/or create the desired change. The Cultural Operating SystemTM includes a set of scientifically based methods, proven in real life and designed to ensure that all factors that influence the behaviour of the organisation are identified and will advise all initiatives required to achieve the desired change.

In fact any company or organisation already has a cultural operating system. The only problem is that it is often unspecified and thus the culture often ends up controlling the company, instead of the company controlling its culture. Company managers describe the company’s vision, mission, values and setting the strategic direction, while the organisation’s staff comply with unwritten rules, standards and mental limitations while following informal leaders. 

Through its specific and method-based structure The Cultural Operating SytemTM allows the company to regain control over its own culture - allowing the culture to deliberately support changes instead of unconsciously working against it.