Winning company cultures cannot be copied - but they can be designed

It’s not what they know, that creates their success. It’s what they consistently do!

This is the particular characteristic of companies that are successful. The ability to quickly translate strategy and vision to consistent execution and behavioural modifications throughout the entire organisation.

Throughout the world clients partner up with Maestro to improve organisational performance, agility and change-ability. Some common reasons for applying the Cultural Operating SystemTM in their organisations include:

  • Support of major mergers and acquisitions, to ensure that synergies are reached and the M&A reaps its full benefit.
  • Engage the organisation in a stronger customer and service focus to support top-line growth.
  • Grow new values and critical behaviour to support new strategies and company-wide initiatives.
  • Create change-ability and change-readiness to prepare the organisation to meet rapid changes in the marketplace.

30 years of improving organisational performance

In over 30 years Maestro Business has been deeply involved in many different types of change initiatives in successful organisations throughout the world. Based on this vast experience Maestro has developed a comprehensive methodology that significantly increases the success rate of change processes in any organisation. Aligning and embedding change into the core culture of an organisation not only creates the desired results, but ensures that the behaviour persists and the benefits of change therefore last.

When Maestro assists companies in executing major changes or in transforming their organisation, Maestro uses the tools and methods that together make up the Cultural Operating SystemTM (COS).