Client Testimonials

Steen Skærbæk - Director, Novozymes

”If you really want to change a company culture, Maestro are the only ones that I have meet who can actually do that. Where others might start with tools and routines, Maestro start with culture and behavior. They are extremely competent and experienced and they fully managed to challenge our perceived self-image".

"In my 20 years in management positions, Maestro’s concept has been the most durable. It’s simply second to none.”


Gert Brandt Petersen – Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Toms Group

"Maestro’s people are senior business people, and that makes a huge difference. Maestro’s concept is insanely strong and they have an understanding of what works and what does not work in practice - both for leaders and employees".

"Maestro can make cultural changes work right down to the shop floor so employees begin executing it, because it makes sense to them - and that in fact; is the whole trick"!


Keld Norup Lauridsen – Production Director, Royal Unibrew

"We needed to build increased accountability and responsibility in our organization", says Production Director Keld Norup Lauridsen about the background for beginning a cultural transformation with Maestro Business.

"Maestro was chosen because they all have had a foot in the “real world” and had been responsible for running companies them selves. Maestro are not typical consultants, they are all experienced business people, and that makes a huge difference"!


Karl Bloomberg – Production Manager, Boeing Company 

"One of the things that we aggressively pursued was inventory turns. Industries in weapons programs typically average about seven or eight turns. Our original goal was 50, so it was huge that we realized 78 inventory turns. That’s basically unheard of in our industry". 


John Weinreich – Site Manager, Sun Chemical

"The only thing I regret is that we did not engage Maestro long before. Maestro signals competence and it quickly becomes apparent that they've tried it all before. Their credibility is top notch, and their instructors have examples and personal experience from the real world".

"In our company reigns an unusual high moral and great fighting spirit and Maestro has helped to strengthen our belief that it is possible to compete with the East".


Jack Welch – Author and Former CEO, General Electric Company 

"DFT (Demand Flow® Technology) is a business strategy … It is an absolute business discipline for every one of us from the factory floor to the office, it is another way to simplify the business … It is a way to put order into everything you do".


Mads Hjort - Ingineer, Novozymes

“Maestro has given us the outside push, necessary to achieve success. It is impossible to create this big of a change from the inside as it requires a change-tsunami that floods the entire company - and Maestro has provided that. Simply put, they have changed our day-to-day operations”. 


Adil F. Dalal - Project Manager, Stryker Instruments

"Our efficiency, and productivity and product availability has increased significantly. In addition, work in process inventory, finished good inventory, throughput and labor variances have decreased substantially. This has allowed us to increase our service levels and run our business more efficiently".


Annika Nielsen – Operator, Bisca

"Maestro is amazing at conveying complex topics and to inspire us for change".


Arne Holme – Factory Manager, Faerch Plast

"Maestro is always bringing in relevant experiences and best practice from the business life. They have tried it them selves and that’s unique".


Martin Dauw Jacobsen – Executive Chef, KRAM Food service

"Maestro gave me a good gut feeling from the very first meeting. They had tried all theories themselves and knew what they were talking about. Maestro’s consultants were able to demonstrate and prove the facts and all had a tremendous drive and know-how. This was a huge advantage to us".

"Maestro has been good at emphasizing that without satisfied customers there is no business. It is deeply rooted in their thinking and has following been widely integrated throughout my own organization".

"Maestro has created a cultural change and a common consensus around - how we are to run things in the future”.


Michael Larsen – Operator, Sun Chemical 

"In my world Maestro are unique because they actually teaches us useful things. It must be their real-life background that make them stand out and that they are completely focused! They push our limitations and cause us to think outside of the box".


Frank Høghholm - Factory Manager, Bang & Olufsen Medicom

"Response time is cut by 50% - the same is work in progress".