Client Results


For four-decades we have assisted clients in delivering results. With our clients, we share a passion for tangible and pragmatic solutions that yield solid results. 


Cultural Operating SystemTM – M&A strategy execution

INWIDO, is Europe’s largest manufacturer of environmentally adapted windows and doors. To support an aggressive M&A strategy, 5 individual companies had to be merged – operational and cultural - into a single functioning business unit. Including the implementation of joint supply chains, sales channels, R&D, HR and a “Speed to Market” strategy in it’s manufacturing sites and supply chains - whereby lead-times were reduced from 12 days to 1 while productivity grew 25%. 


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

AstraZeneca a UK-Scandinavian pharmaceuticals manufacturer reduced inventories and working capital by $200m in the first 2 years and group wide by $1bn. Redesigned S&OP management and realignment of existing Lean initiatives to support customer demand driven supply chains. Improved speed and agility to enable rapid customer response from weeks to days.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Continual Improvement and Service Culture

Royal Unibrew, Denmark’s second largest brewing group wanted, as part of a turn-around, to grow a self-sustaining Culture of Continuous Improvement in all its manufacturing, distribution and retail organisations. In 2014 Royal Unibrew was by far the best performing stock on the Danish stock exchange OMX.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme 

Perlos a Finnish-Chinese manufacturer of mobile phone components (plastic moulding), through the implementation of a Demand Flow® solution, Perlos minimised downtime and inventory, whilst maximising productivity and overhead recovery. Productivity was improved by 23%, WIP reduced by 65%, finished goods by 45%, obsolescence by 25%, $2.75m of cash released from working capital.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Performance Culture

Atlas Copco’s Chinese machining and assembly plant. Cultural integration of a company wide Lean/Six Sigma initiative. Through this culture initiative, factory footprint was reduced by 25%, response time to customer order was reduced from 6 weeks to 1½ weeks with $4 million cash released from working capital within 6 months.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

Zamil Air Conditioning improving organisational performance and productivity at their manufacturing and assembly plant, in the Saudi Arabia. Assisted design and layout of a new 400,000 sq. ft. factory in a Mixed Model production flow. Order lead-time was reduced by 70% while inventory reductions provided first year cash benefits of $18m with a $2m annualised saving thereafter.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Sustainable High Performance Culture

Novozymes is a global biotech company, focused on enzyme production. Novozymes wanted to create a culture of sustainable High Performance and continuous improvement. Critical behaviours among others are: strong execution skills, organizational alignment, and the ability to confront and keep peers and colleagues responsible. Results not to be disclosed.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

Wanfried Druck-Kalden a German packaging manufacturer increased productivity by 19% though the implementation of Demand Flow® Technology. Collectively this reduced lead times, set up times, improved quality, productivity and made first year cash savings of €3m with annualised savings of €2m thereafter.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Continual Improvement

Toms Group, The leading manufacture of quality chocolate and confectionary in the Nordics wanted to train and empower its line-leaders, technicians and operators in a joint effort to build a culture of continous improvement. First year bottom-line effect of employee initiated improvements: €0.7m.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

Schering Plough’s French pharmaceutical manufacturer, furnished visual planning solutions to synchronise laboratory testing of raw materials with batch production. This reduced raw material inventory by €7m and made 95% of scheduled demand available to production within 2 days.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Cultural Alignment  

Leo Pharma a global pharmaceutical company, wanted to align different internal cultures after a major internal restructuring. The objective was to create a joint culture and company spirit, to support future execution of corporate strategy. A cultural change plan, based on direct and open dialogue, personal grit and performance, shared resources and increased team-performance was developed and implemented. Specific results not to be disclosed.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

Sauer-Danfoss Denmark, USA and Germany. In Germany an automated, machine-intensive and robotic assembly plant, producing hydraulic valves and motors furnished a Demand Driven performance improvement solution. This project increased capacity by 18%, without increasing the number of machines, reduced inventories by €4m, improved customer service levels by reducing order-processing time from 3 weeks to 3 days.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Lean Culture

Cheminova a global supplier of products for crop protection, wanted to rejuvenate it’s current Lean initiative, to embed the everyday use of Lean tools and mind-set into it’s own culture. First year results 25% increase of capacity, without investments.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme 

Flextronics electronics facility in the Czech Republic using surface-mount technology to produce printed circuit boards for box build. Implemented a manufacturing performance improvement project. This resulted in reduced waste and rework, an improvement in productivity and inventory management, stock reduced by $6m, first year cash savings of $8m and order lead time reduced by 80% to 3 days.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

Southco’s UK automotive component manufacturer. Created a Demand Driven environment to meet the demands of a web-based B2B sales capability that was committed to ship all orders, placed before 1pm the same day in an environment with several thousand SKU’s. The result was improved productivity, reduced waste, improved same day customer service of 63%, with total first year cash benefits of £600,000. 

This was recognised by a “Management Today” factory of the year award.


Cultural Operating SystemTM – Quality, hygiene and food safety

Anonymous Company is among the leading European catering companies supplying, finish cooked meals for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and kindergartens. COSTM Program focused on HACCP compliance with personal hygiene standards and standards for storing and handling food items. Baseline measurement: 8.277 ppm incidents (i.e. E.coli, Norovirus, Campylobacter and Listeria). Measured incidents after COSTM : 68 ppm.


Demand Driven EnterpriseTM - Fast results programme

Portescap, Swiss manufacturer of micro electric motors and gear boxes supplying the automotive and aerospace industries, was provided with a Mixed Model Demand Flow® performance improvement deliverable.  The entire four-story factory layout was redesigned so that all 13 product families were produced in two mixed-model flow lines on one floor. All processes were linked and synchronised in a flow. This reduced the production footprint by 75%, allowing the space saved to be sub-let. Further, the improved productivity and demand driven production system met all customer requirements with, inventory turns increased from less than 2 to 15 producing cash saving of £3m.