Maestro Business: Now and then

What today is Maestro Business was founded in Denver, CO in 1984. During the past 30 years Maestro have had the unique opportunity to work with some of the smartest and most successful people and companies in the world. Learning from these people, gaining a rare insight in their thinking patterns and modelling their behaviours and methodology - Maestro rest upon a pragmatic foundation of successfully applied best practices.

This mind-set of studying and modelling best practice and making it easily accessible to clients has always been deeply ingrained in the DNA of Maestro Business. In fact our founder Mr John Costanza went to Japan in the late 1970’s to study what thinking patters made Japanese companies so successful. He built the company making his insights accessible through his early work with Demand Flow® Technology. This later won him a prestigious Nobel Prize nomination, close to his retirement in 2000.