Our core expertise is providing clients with proven tools and technologies to ensure predictable and tangible bottom-line results. Build upon applied best practice from some of the world’s highest performing companies, Maestro develops and provides solutions within 3 major areas: Value, Excellence and Leadership. All provide a collective language and an easy to apply, step-by-step approach to bring about needed results.




Business Model Generation:

Systematically work with understanding, designing and differentiating the company's business models and revenue streams.


Complexity & SimplicityTM:

Analysis and decision support for reducing complexity cost and cost of lost opportunities while growing profitability and focus.

Exclusively by Maestro Business.

Value Proposition Design:

Systematically work with understanding, designing and increasing company value creation.

Traction Channel DesignTM:

Design, build, test and maintain a successful sales and marketing machine.

Exclusively by Maestro Business.




Demand Flow® Technology:

The technology that started it all – Mr. John Costanza’s Nobel prize nominated system for cost reduction, working capital management and productivity enhancement in companies and organizations.

Exclusively by Maestro Business


Lean Enterprise:

Methods and Principles for trimming and optimization of companies and organizations.


Six Sigma:

Methods and principles for systematic performance improvement and optimization of business processes and systems.




Cultural Operating SystemTM:

A system to understand, design and implement sustainable and lasting behavioral and cultural changes in organizations. Including, for example:

o   Customer service culture

o   Performance culture

o   Improvement culture

o   Lean – Six Sigma culture

o   Safety and zero accidents culture

o   Confrontation culture

Exclusively by Maestro Business.



A methodology to build and maintain, responsibility and accountability for businesses and organizations.

Exclusively by Maestro Business.


Execution RoadmapTM:

Management system for strategy execution. Focusing on management and leadership skills and tools needed to turn strategy into massive action and the people skills needed for organization wide alignment.

Exclusively by Maestro Business.