About Maestro Business

Maestro Business is an international business training and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients create fast and lasting results imbedded in their company culture. The most important skillset in any business today is the ability to change, to continue creating lasting results. Those results are always dependent on knowing the right things, and consistently doing what you know. 

Maestro always strives to take what seems complex and make it simple and practical in everyday use. We do this by studying and modelling the best in the world in whatever field supports our business.

We believe that real life results are created by massive and deliberate actions. The most distinct finding that we acquired in working with some of the world’s most successful companies over that past 30 years is that:

It is not what they know, that creates their success. It’s what they consistently do.  

Maestro only employ senior business professionals with great international experience and a proven business track record. We have no junior level consultants and all our staff have a minimum of 10 years successful experience from companies outside the consulting industry. Experience from organisations, where daily performance and results were needed in order to be successful.

Our Purpose
- why we exist

To assist people and organisations in attaining the most critical of competences: the ability to rapidly and consistently change - for good.

Our Mission

To help companies stay competitive and healthy though sustainable, high-performance cultures. 

Our Vision

We create maximum impact though the combined use of technological, financial, psychological and real life insights. 

The Maestro
Business brand

Our brand ambition is being recognized as the trusted advisors and leading experts in business performance enhancement and culture design.

Our values

Impact - we are account-
able to always make a significant difference. We act with great integrity, grit and passion. We communicate openly and honestly.

Meaning - what we do makes sense through its practical application and measurable results. 

Margin - our success is built on the success of our clients and partners. We build lasting relationships by investing in their success.

Leading - we go first. Our trustworthiness lies in our congruency, anything we advice we do ourselves.